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Got a question or concern? Check out the FAQs below to see if we have your answer.
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Q.   Is COWELL a manufacture or a trader? Does COWELL has its own factory?

R:   COWELL is a family group company and has its own factory. Our factory started to manufacture products of filling nozzles, flow meters, 

       fuel pumps for gas station since 1980’s. We can provide very good quality of products at reasonable and competitive prices.


Q.   Where is COWELL’s production facilities? Can I visit them?

R:   Our factory is located in Zhejiang, China. We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory.


Q.   How many employees does COWELL have?

R:   At present, COWELL factory has about 230 employees and can provide stable production capacity according to the needs of customers.

       Shanghai office has 9 employees. We try best to provide the best service for our clients.


Q.   Why should I choose COWELL

R:    There are 4 main reasons:
        1. Our products are mature and stable, so you do no worry about after-sales problems.
        2. Our rich experience can effectively make your product customization and other projects smoother, reducing some unnecessary

            expenses and time waste.
        3. Our strong production capacity ensures on-time delivery.
        4. And most importantly. We are a mature brand and we cherish our reputation like birds cherish their feathers which alone is enough to

            reassure most of our clients.





Q. Is it possible to purchase spare parts only from COWELL?

R: We can sell some spare parts to customer to meet their maintenance needs. If the machine is not provided by COWELL, our spare parts

     maybe not match yours. Pls confirm with us for details.


Q. Does COWELL have products in stock?

R:  We have a few stock of some products, but more stock of raw materials. So mainly we manufacture the products according to your orders.


Q. How long is the warranty?

R: We give flow meters, LPG compressors for 24-months warranty. An industry-standard 12-month warranty applies to all our products.The

     warranty is only valid if the product is used and installed correctly and it does not cover any damage caused by incorrect installation,

     incorrect use or use in extremely hazardous environments. If the product is tampered with in any way by the customer, such as

     disassembling the product for repair, modification, etc., then the warranty is no longer applicable . Don’t worry, products that are more than 

     12 months old will also be properly handled on a case-by-case basis.



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Q. What is the minimum order quantity for the product?

R:There is no MOQ requirement for non-customized products. However, it will be sold at the price when the quantity of the bulk purchase is

    not reached. Some customized content may have special quantity requirements. Please contact us for more details


Q. What is the payment term?

R: Our payment term is paid in advance in total. Or 30% deposit and 70% balance upon the completion of cargo.


Q. What is product lead time?

R: Our product lead time is 1-40 working days according to different products and its quantity of products after confirming the order and

     receiving deposit.